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Alia guides this class through a slow, steady and strong sequence that focuses on moving into the “back space." The arc of the class takes students through a long sequence progressing intelligently into standing poses that bring the body into variations of gentle back bending. Standing poses culminate into a peak pose of Half Moon with the option to move into Sugar Cane pose. Class winds down with some seated postures, supine poses, meditation and savasana.

Seattle Yoga Arts' Deepening Classes are stronger classes that are recommended for practitioners with at least one year of experience



Alia’s love of yoga and awareness practices root back to her childhood when she was introduced to learning yoga, Sufism, and meditation from her mother. A life long study of movement and the body guides and inspires her teaching and practice.


Along with practicing yoga, Alia has dedicated much of her life to studying, teaching and performing contemporary dance and dance improvisation. She has been on faculty at Cornish College of the Arts in the dance department since 2005 and has been teaching yoga for 15 years.

Her classes interweave several awareness and movement disciplines including a myriad contemplative and somatic movement practices, Yin Yoga or the yoga of stillness, improvisational and intuitive movement play, and a Vinyasa style of yoga. 


Alia’s classes encourage you to compassionately open to the challenges and the joys of being in your body. Emphasis is placed on resting attention in the body and breath, opening to what is there, and from that tuned in place deepening awareness of the structural alignment and energetic aspects of the body. 

Class invites us to find a balance of strength with surrender as we synchronize our bodies with our breath in a dynamic graceful, and deeply heart felt class. 


Through the process of yoga, we investigate the intricate wisdom, fragility and power of the body/mind. Alia believes yoga class is a reflective opportunity to open and uncover our true nature by realizing that we are already connected and now is the only moment we know.

Photos by: Michelle Smith-Lewis