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Body.Space.Time.Sound (B.S.T.S)

Experiments in Performance


An Evening in Improvised Sound and Movement /

Created and Curated by Alia Swersky and Tom Baker

These improvisational events will consist of a varying selection of curated sound and movement artists who will be brought together in purposeful improvisational collaborations. These ongoing performance happenings will selectively group artists with the intention of instigating dynamic collaborations. Each event will consist of a unique set of guidelines in relation to body, space, time and sound, but the constant for each grouping is that they connect in some way before the performance. Selected artists will be introduced, then asked to score and rehearse their piece in accordance with the indeterminacy of meeting one another, the performance themes of each event, and the convening of their shared interests. A goal is to bring together artists in different disciplines, and bridge diverse improvisational aesthetics. Performers will be asked to create structured scores that harness the unknown spontaneity of improvised performance.  

Volume Four : 



Sound -

Movement -

Volume Three : Aléa

April 5

An evening of improvisation consisting of 4 sound and 4 movement
artists joining together in sets of chance occurrences. Inspired by the 
long-time collaboration of John Cage and Merce Cunningham, these
eight artists will perform in various groupings and timings determined
by aleatoric procedures. The performance parameters will be
determined immediately before each set.  As is the nature of
improvisation, each group will work with unpredictable conditions,
they will meet the moment, and see what unfolds.

Sound - Tom Baker, Greg Campbell, Jesse Canterbury, Brian Cobb

Movement - Tamin Totzke, Matt Drews, Fox Whitney, Emma

Volume Two : Threes

November 30 

An evening of scored improvisations consisting of 3 sound and 3 movement artists working with variations of THREE. Trios and sextets will perform a series of sets using the theme of THREE to guide each improvisation. Each set’s duration will be a different multiple of three. Triangles, trinities, and triads, the vast meanings and dynamic potentials of the magic number will guide this improvisational performance.

Sound - Ruby Dunphy (drums), Troy Schiefelbein (bass), Kaley Eaton (voice and electronics)

Movement - Rachael Lincoln, Aaron Swartzman, Brian J Evans

Volume One : Pairs / Fragments of Time

May 11

An evening of scored improvisations consisting of 6 sound/movement pairings exploring the theme of time and duration. Some pairs will perform one piece over a continuous period of time, while others will perform fragmented sections throughout the evening. Artists will also consider where in the space these uneven time frames will take place. Duration and Location are central to each piece, creating an evening of timed environmental compositions. 

Sound - Tom Baker, Ha-Yang Kim, Amy Denio, James Falzone, Monika Khot, Ebony Miranda 

Movement - Alia Swersky, Noelle Chun, Markeith Wiley, Corrie Befort, David Harvey, Tom Weinberger

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