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This single moment is the embodied state of

            nothing & everything simultaneously

Be in the sensation of a movement, as opposed to making the idea of a movement

Enter into stillness

            so you can be moved to move



Observe the movement within the stillness

Be with the vast diverse wisdom below the surface

Your being

            Is not you doing

Enter Dawn

The Sun Shines Here


Notice where you are

Activate the environment

            Inner into outer terrain

The outside becomes the inside is the undercurrent of perceptions

Each gesture is a motion into a space, a history, a landscape of stories, stolen lands

The body, beyond the body

            More than a body

Poetics of space

Visual beauty and embodied beauty insofar as it paradoxically destroys and amplifies false ideas of beauty

Embrace endurance, embrace duration as acts of resistance, resilience, release

And raw rough fuck you beauty

Enter Twilight

An Ocean of Gay



            Still here

Vanishing ideals

A crumbling of realizations & revelations

Begin again…and again…and again

To be seen, really seen, seeing

Eyes closed

Enter Dusk

Unravel Night

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