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Beneath Our Own Immensity 

Cornish Dance Theater 

April 2011 

“Beneath Our Own Immensity” began as a site-specific work as part of Cornish College of the Arts Dance Theater in 2011. As I was creating the performance of “Beneath Our Own Immensity” in the stunning underpass-park, I-5 Colonnade, it became evident this work NEEDED to be filmed. The resulting footage captures the gritty beauty and fierce abandon of the dancers, the dusty splendor of the site and the visceral interaction between the two. The collaboration and relationships with the performers making this work were transformative for both myself and for the dancers, and the resulting performances were raw and powerful.

A site-specific dance-film set in the urban underbelly; a dark, lush journey through a gritty world lying mostly out of sight

Seattle Times Review 

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