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Photo by Jessa Carter


1:1 Solo | A Walk Towards The Sun, The Moon and the Stars

A solo performance created and performed by Alia Swersky

CORAL | Equinox Studios | 6520 5th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98108
Date: March 28 - May 23, 2020

THURSDAYS at 6:30pm + 7:30pm + 8:30pm + 9:30pm
SATURDAYS at 3pm + 4pm + 5pm + 6pm + 7pm + 8pm + 9pm

TICKETS $5-$100 sliding scale available up to 24hrs before each performance. Advance tickets only.
Interested in volunteering? Email Julia Sloane for more details.


A Walk Towards The Sun, The Moon, and the Stars
is a solo performance designed for one individual at a time and intended as an inimitable offering, a ritual, and an inquiry into what is essential. This 1:1 solo creates an intimate, personalized and collaborative performance experience involving being lead and cared for, and a witnessing that brings forth an unfolding adaptation in real time. Together we look into a series of existential questions around humanity, and the ways we are connection/disconnected to one another. The performances weaves filmic, sonic and corporeal togetherness coaxing intimacy and self- realization through embodied reflection. 

Photo by Jessa Carter

Video by Devin Muñoz

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